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The Secret to Gift-Giving for Men

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Men often say that women are impossible to shop for. I tend to think the opposite is true. Most women would gladly accept a piece of jewelry, clothing, or other thoughtful gesture. Men, on the other hand, don’t always ask for anything specific and give indecisive answers when asked, “What would you like?”


If you’re struggling with gift ideas for the man in your life, there are a few places to look for inspiration. Examine their current life, needs, and past times and you’d be surprised at what you find.

Favorite Sports Team

Is he an avid sports fan? If so, he likely has a favorite team that he religiously follows and routes for. Whether it’s in the NFL, NBA, or MLB, you can find a variety of awesome gifts that represent your man’s dedication to his team.


The most obvious gift would be a jersey. If your partner doesn’t already own the jersey of his favorite player, this would make an awesome and appreciated gift. Maybe he has a “home” jersey and you can splurge on the “away” version. Or even better, get your hands on an autographed jersey!

Not looking to break the bank this season? No problem! Your man would equally appreciate a hat, keychain, blanket, travel mug, or flag that proudly displays his team colors. If you’re looking to make the gift extra special (and secretly for yourself also), purchase tickets to a sporting event. Your man will be guaranteed to react just like a kid on Christmas.



Just like many men have allegiance to a certain sports team, their vehicles are usually their baby. Does your man affectionately (and oddly) refer to his car as a female? Or does he have a name for “her”? A lot of men are emotionally attached to their cars or trucks. So what better place to look for gift giving inspiration?


Purchase your man a booklet of car wash coupons or surprise him with a gift certificate for detailing. If he’s into adding accessories to his ride, purchase something he’s been talking about - an exhaust, rain guards, mud flaps, or new floor mats. It might seem like an impersonal gift but trust me, your man will thank you!


Both men and women alike enjoy looking, smelling, and feeling good. Self-care products and gift certificates are always an appreciated gesture. Buy your man cologne that you think smells sexy and tell them so!


Everyone loves getting a massage. Splurge for a massage chair or a gift certificate for a one-hour massage at your local spa. Looking to pinch pennies? Give your partner a coupon book for massages from you.

Believe it or not but electric razors make a great gift for the man in your life who loves a clean-shaven face. Think about your man’s normal morning or night self-care routine and you’ll likely find several gift ideas you didn’t realize were there.


Work and Play

Your man’s hobbies and his profession are both great places to look for gift giving inspiration.


Does he enjoy golf on the weekends? New clubs, balls, gloves, or golf shoes can all make awesome gifts. If your guy loves to fish how about a new rod, tackle box, or waders? Is he more into hunting? Some new camouflage clothes or even a gift certificate for a new firearm might do the trick!

When he’s not playing, he’s most likely working. Maybe your man needs a new office chair, laptop bag, briefcase, or tablet. Think of what he does all day long and see if you can find something to make his workday better. Is he always struggling to talk on the phone while walking to the office or driving? A Bluetooth or headset might make the perfect gift.


If your man’s job is more labor intensive, maybe a new pair of construction boots or a Carhartt jacket would keep him warm and comfortable on the job. Coolers and insulated thermoses also make great gifts for any outdoorsman!

Just for Fun

Not all gifts need to be practical. A lot of men are still big kids at heart and with so many cool stuff for guys online and in stores, the options are endless. Gadgets, games, and handheld toys make great and fun gifts for men.


If your guy enjoys playing video games, splurge on a new gaming system or the newest game on the market. Maybe your man needs a second or third remote so his buddies can play too? You can purchase so many accessories from steering wheels to headphones and joysticks for countless gaming consoles.

What guy doesn’t love just hanging out with his friends acting a little immature? Purchase him a fun excursion that he can do with a group. Some awesome examples including paintballing, quad or dirt bike riding, or skydiving.


Sometimes, it’s the simple gifts that remind your man of being a kid that he’ll love most.

Get Shopping!

Now that you have some ideas of where to look, you can start shopping for that special guy in your life. No matter your budget, these ideas can help open your eyes to countless gift-giving options you may have overlooked.


Make a list of the things your guy likes and then a list of what he might need. Before you know it, his stocking will be packed with presents he’ll love and appreciate.

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