The Pros and Cons of WFH Jobs

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Working from home is like every mother’s dream. Shoot. It’s probably everyone’s dream to a certain degree. It means no long commute. It means working in your pajamas and flexible hours. But is working from home all positive? Are there some aspects of the work-life you’re missing out on? I think so.


Here’s my list of pros and cons that come with work from home jobs.


No Commute

Did you know that the average person spends an average of 26 minutes traveling to work? That means 52 minutes round trip. It doesn’t sound all that bad. Unless you’re the one doing it. Now add the potential for traffic, construction, and bad weather to the mix and that commute can turn into hours. Working from home means not having to leave the comfort of your house in order to start your workday. No commute also results in less wear and tear on your car and fewer trips to the gas station. This might actually save you money in the end.


More Productive

When you’re able to start your workday as soon as you want, you’re more productive. You can sit down and fire up your computer right at 8:00, sign into whatever device you’re using and get right to work. There are also fewer distractions when working from home, though this is subject to debate at times. You know yourself best as a worker, which means you can create an atmosphere that is most conducive to productivity.


No Work Clothes

Not only will you save money by not purchasing suits, skirts, ties, and heels, but you’ll be a heck of a lot more comfortable too! You don’t need to worry about finding the appropriate attire, bringing your gym clothes along, or keeping up with the ever-changing style trends and fades found in the office. You can work comfortably in your sweats, jeans, or whatever you want!



The flexibility that comes with working from home is found in almost every aspect of the job. You are flexible to work where you want, whether that is a library, diner or your kitchen table. You can take your lunch break when and wherever you want also. If you choose to workout later in the day, you don’t have to worry about showering or being presentable first thing in the morning. You can throw dinner in a crock pot or do laundry while you work. Of course, every job is different and some may not lend themselves to this extreme flexibility. This holds true for those jobs that monitor your work hours much more closely.




As great as working from home can be, it can also be extremely isolating and lonely. If you live alone or send your kids off to school and spouse off to their job, you’re left alone. Which is good, because you need peace and quiet to work. But, that also means you are often surrounded by silence. There’s no one to talk to or interact with. This is when taking your work outside the home might be beneficial to you. If you need Wi-Fi, visiting a library or restaurant that offers free Wi-Fi is a great way to get out of the house and feel less trapped.


No Office Moral

There’s something to be said about the office atmosphere. When you work in an office, you connect with coworkers, you participate in office parties, retreats, and there are opportunities for advancement, bonuses, and incentives. Sure, online jobs likely have some form of promotion and may use apps like Slack to encourage employee engagement with one another, but it’s not the same as actually working in an office. There, you feel part of something and build lifelong relationships.


Less Active

It’s true. When you work from home, it’s sometimes difficult to stay active. If you’re stuck at a desk or in front of a computer, you’ll need to take time for stretching and movement. For most commuters, you at least have to walk from your car to the office. You have the option of taking the stairs and moving throughout the office, delivering paperwork, visiting coworkers, and even heading to lunch. Depending on the size of your house, how far are you really going? Maybe to the bathroom or to grab something from the fridge. Working from home means making a conscious effort to remain active and move around.


Find the Right Fit for You

Working from home isn’t for everyone. If you have the opportunity to work from the comfort of your house, just keep some of these things in mind. It comes along with some negatives, just like any job. But there are also some really amazing things about working from home. Which seems like the better for you?


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