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My Favorite Memories Revisited

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I have so many fond memories of those first, butterfly moments with my husband. Those first weeks of courting are always the most fun. You can’t get enough of each other. You smile like a goofball at just the thought of the other person. You feel warm, fuzzy, and completely corny all the time. You’re basically a big ball of mush. It’s the best.


I can remember some very specific moments that my husband and I shared during those few months together.

The Motorcycle Ride

There’s something kind of romantic about a scenic motorcycle ride. And a guy with a motorcycle is hot. Maybe it’s the leather, the loud engine, the power between their legs, or simply the manliness of it. But when my husband first asked me to take a motorcycle ride with him, I jumped at the chance.


He needed to drop off paperwork at his accountant - not exactly romantic. But, we decided to take a detour and road through hills, forests, over bridges, and through tunnels. It was exhilarating and exciting. He encouraged me to wrap my arms tightly around him and I happily obliged. He reached back now and then with his left hand and squeezed my thigh affectionately. It was a good thing he had a motorcycle GPS to help get us home because our wild adventures turned into a few hours of riding in circles. We laughed and held each other tight. I can still feel the snug helmet on my head and his secure body in front of me.

The Love Letters

Letter writing is a lost art. With email, text, and social media, does anyone sit down and put pen to paper anymore? During the first few years of my relationship with my husband, we constantly wrote to one another. It’s not that we had to write - we still saw each other every day, but there was something romantic about it.


Another reason we often wrote to each other was that my husband is an officer who works a swing shift. At the time, he alternated working one month of nights and one month of days - both involving 12 hours shifts. I would leave him a letter with his morning coffee and he would write back while at work, leaving letters on the front seat of my car or beside the bed. I have boxes filled with these letters and every now and then, I pull them down off the shelf in my closet and read through them. They’re all dated, which means I can continue to look back and reflect on our earliest days together. I will cherish those letters always.

Late Night Tea

When my husband worked shift work, his nights were my days and when I was starting my day, his was just ending. It was tough on all of us, but we found a way to make it work. In addition to our love letters, we scheduled nighttime tea dates.


Once he was on the road and had made all his necessary stops, he would send me a single text - “tea?” I would boil the water and pour us each a cup - Earl Grey for him and Chamomile for me. We would meet out on the front porch and talk, look at the stars, and just sit together for a few minutes. Those were some of our favorite times together. When the rest of the world was sleeping, the night air was crisp, cool, and quiet. He once told me that those tea dates helped him get through the long night ahead. I never told him that they did for me too.


This is by far my favorite memory from the start of my relationship with my husband. I remember it was a Monday night because it was court night. My husband was working late and couldn’t pick me up until close to midnight. At the time, I was still living home with my parents. My mom wasn’t thrilled with me going out so late, but she allowed it.


My husband picked me up in his Excursion and told me to bring a blanket. We drove to a local soccer field and he pulled the truck around the far side. I remember it was muddy. He carried the blankets and me to the center of the field. And there we sat, laid, and lounged, just looking at the stars. We chatted and got to know one another. He rubbed my shoulders and smelled my hair. I had never met anyone like him before.

If the connection we had wasn’t enough to show me that this was the man I’d spend the rest of my life with, then the fact that we saw 5 shooting stars that night was enough for me. I have never in my life scene that many shooting stars in one night. In fact, 11 years later, I don’t remember having seen any. That was a special and magical evening. And we ended it with a laugh when the sprinkler system for the soccer field turned on and literally, rained on our parade.


Looking Back

I enjoy reminiscing about the “good old days” - the honeymoon phase, as some people call it. I cherish the memories I have with my husband and the many adventures and experiences we have had with each other since then. Our relationship has grown, changed, and developed in so many ways.


Those first date butterflies have been replaced by security, appreciation, and comfort. And every now and then, we’ll do something to rekindle the excitement and passion we once had. But at the end of the day, we are still those same two people on the motorcycle, in the field, sipping tea on the porch. We’re just stronger now.

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