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From man caves to garages and workshops, men enjoy their own personal space where they can do “manly” things. As women, we need to respect that. After all, we enjoy our own oasis away from the chaos of life, whether that’s yoga class, a nice hot bath, or even a morning run. Everyone needs a little sanctuary.

If you’d like to encourage your husband to either take up a hobby or spend some more time doing hands-on things he enjoys, you can purchase some pretty versatile and practical gifts to fill his space and make him smile.


Let’s check out some awesome ways to support your man’s man space!

The Man Cave

The man cave is really any space that is strictly for your husband and his friends. This could be a basement, a den, or even the garage if it’s furnished properly. But let’s imagine that your home offers a room all its own for your man and his buddies to hang out. If you close your eyes and picture this space, what should it include?

I’d say some pretty comfy couches and maybe a few recliners. Men love to sit back, put up their feet, and crack open a beer. Recliners are great for watching TV and taking naps. If the guys are going to recline and watch their favorite sports games or UFC fights, a quality, HD TV mounted on the wall is kind of a must. And in this case, bigger really is better. Splurge for a TV that is large and visible from all angles of the room. And if you really want to score some brownie points, throw in a surround sound system too!

If the space is big enough, you can even add some awesome games and other forms of entertainment. A dart board is easy and can fit anywhere. If you have a larger area to fill, consider a pool or air hockey table. Foosball is always a win, too! If you’re able, adding a small bar or even a mini-fridge for stocking beverages is another awesome man cave addition.


The Garage

Does your man enjoy hanging out in the garage? Talking about cars, engines, and elbow grease with his buddies? Maybe he has an old or classic vehicle he’s working on. Garages can be a bit cold, dirty, and dreary looking but they don’t have to be. There are some pretty neat ways to liven up your man’s garage space and transform it into a place he actually wants to spend time in.


Who doesn’t love diamond plating? It’s shiny, durable, and manly looking. Are there areas in the garage where you can incorporate some diamond plating? If so, go for it! Another thing that your man might like is some wall decorations. I’m not talking about family portraits or landscape paintings - no! How about some vintage signs? Or even illuminated beer brand signs or sports emblems. Any type of unique lighting will add a pretty cool feel to the space. If you have old couches, throw one of those in there and a small TV never hurts. How about music? Purchase a sound system or even a radio for the guys to jam out. Again, a mini-fridge is a standard for keeping brew cold. To keep your man warm in the cold winter months, purchase a space heater.

And if you’re looking to help stock your husband’s garage, purchase him some essential tools like a power generator, air compressor, and standing toolbox.



Does your man enjoy building stuff? Is woodworking his favorite hobby? There are some pretty neat ways to set up a workshop that your man will love. And, you might even get some homemade crafts out of the deal!


A nice bench to work on is a must. If your man works standing up, purchase him some nice, thick rubber mats for the floor - his back will thank you. Or if he wants to take a load off, how about a nice padded stool? Purchase a few so that his friends have somewhere to sit also.

The supplies you can buy your man are endless from protective goggles to circular saws and even varnishes and stencils, depending on the types of projects he makes. Music always makes for quick work so adding a wireless speaker or radio to this space would be appreciated.



This is one thing you can give your man without every spending a dime! Encourage him to explore his favorite hobbies and the things that help him relax. He’ll appreciate your support and likely thank you in return!

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