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For the Love of Blogging

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Did you know that there were 152 million blogs online in 2013? And 133 million people read blogs. Blogging is an awesome way to get your ideas out, use your creativity, and network with other people. The great thing about blogging is that everything from the subject matter to the design of the pages and the images you use is completely within your control. Making money off blogging is just an added bonus. Here I’ll discuss some things to consider when starting a blog, some lesser known facts about blogging, and ways to make money.


Be an Expert

Whether or not you realize it, you’re an expert at something. Whether it’s parenting, health and fitness, cooking, or finance, you have a unique spin on a certain topic. And whatever that topic is, should be the focus of your blog. You’re going to need a lot of material for creating content on your pages. If you don’t plan to sell any type of products or merchandise, your blog will be primarily made up of content. This content needs to be engaging, well-written, and user-friendly. But without a handle on your subject matter, you’ll have a hard time crafting anything that people will want to read. So before starting your blog, be sure to choose a subject that you know a lot about and one that you can bring something new and special too.


Be Consistent

This is another huge component of having a blog. Consistency. So many bloggers start out like a ball of fire and quickly fizzle out. Why? Because maintaining a blog isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. And often times, all this is done without any real profit. At least, not yet. Try writing on your blog at least two to four times a week. If you run out of steam or ideas, invite guest bloggers to write and post to your pages. This is a great way to help promote your fellow bloggers as well.



Piggybacking off of what was just said, networking with other bloggers is another great way to promote your blog. Find other blogs within your niche (subject) and start following them, read their posts, and comment. You can even try contacting the site creator and ask if they allow guest posts. This might score you a link back to your own blog! You might also connect with other readers looking for similar blogs to follow. Flex those networking skills and you’ll be surprised at how many connections you make.


Consider Money Your Last Priority

That’s right. If you’re thinking of starting a blog to make a quick buck, think again. Sure, there are a lot of money making opportunities online including pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, and building links. And all of these are viable money making options. But just know that you won’t make money overnight with most blogs. It takes time and dedication to build a dedicated following and generate consistent traffic. That’s why you need to choose a subject matter you love. This will make it a lot easier and more enjoyable to spend time building the content without getting paid. The reward will be the work itself. View it as a hobby. Create your blog first for fun and then the money will come.


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