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A Look Back at the 90's

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Every era is marked by certain music, fashion, politics, and quirky items that everyone just had to have! You know what I’m talking about - the 70’s were lava lamps, disco music and bell bottoms followed by the big hair, parachute pants, and classic rock of the 80’s.


But what about the 90’s? My era. The time when my friends and I entered the double-digits and we were torn between the worlds of innocence and independence. There are some classic and memorable things about the 90’s that anyone from my generation won’t soon forget.

Read on and see if you remember some of these gems!


We all hand one. Whether you were a boy or a girl, these virtual pets were a must-have. They came on a keychain and required pretty regular care from feeding and cleaning up digital poop to providing equal parts rest and activity. How many times did yours die in a day?


Starter Jackets

Before authentic sports jerseys were “in” all the cool kids had Starter jackets. Every kid proudly wore the loud colors of their favorite team on these oversized coats. I’m pretty sure I owned a Miami Dolphins one even though I was born and raised in a NY Giant’s home. The teal, orange, and white colors of Miami fit my 12-year-old fashion palette.


Beanie Babies

These bean-bag stuffed animals remained popular long after the 90’s ended. Whether you were a beanie baby collector or just an average kid, people took this craze pretty seriously.


For true beanie baby lovers, keeping that little red and white “TY” tag that hung on each animal’s ear intact was all too important. It was once believed beanie babies would be worth money. And if you have one of these rare finds in your possession, it could make you a pretty penny.

Lisa Frank

Kittens, puppies, unicorns, and hearts. Bright purple and pink colors splattered across notebooks, folders, and binders. Lisa Frank was every young girl’s dream designer. If you didn’t have a Lisa Frank accessory, you were ostracized at the second-grade lunch table.


Slap Bracelets

Another must-have accessory of the 90’s was the slap bracelet. Sometimes painful, always addicting, these bracelets were “slapped” onto your wrist. They started straight before wrapping themselves neatly around your wrist with just one simple “smack”. This accessory was loved by boys and girls alike. And with so many awesome patterns, it’s no wonder they were a hit all over school.



The 90’s equivalent to Pokemon cards - Pogs were small cardboard discs with flashy designs, colors and a pretty big following. After making large stacks of Pogs, players used a “slammer” to hit the top disc. No one ever really understood how to play the game, but the more Pogs you had, the cooler you were. They even sold long plastic tubes to carry your collection - the longer the tube, the more clout.



Every era had that one, must-have toy that parents scoured toy stores for at midnight on Christmas Eve. In the late 90’s, that toy was the Furby. Furbies were small owl type figures that made noise, blinked their eyes, and just looked cute. Children could interact with the toy and carry it everywhere they went. Before Hatchimals were a hit, Furbies were every young kid’s dream.


AOL Instant Messenger

Also known as AIM or IM, AOL instant messenger was a way for you to chat with friends before texting even existed. The screen name you chose was all too important - it was how people identified you. And judged you. AOL even offered chat rooms where you could meet other AIM members. It was the 90’s version of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Reliving the Past

Not ready to let go of these awesome memories? You don’t have to. The 21st century offers some pretty neat alternatives that remind us of the good old days.


If you’re still living in the 70’s you can probably score yourself a lava lamp at stores like Spencer or Hot Topic. Or better yet, Luvin Life offers Himalayan salt lamps that not only brighten your room but your energy level too.

The fashion of the 80’s is constantly coming back. Shoulder pads, crop tops, and fanny packs are just some of the 80’s trends that you can still rock and get compliments instead of glares.


I’m sure we all have 90’s music on our iPods. The 90’s gave us Britney Spears, Nirvana, and Boyz II Men. Classics that won’t soon leave our hearts or our Beats.

Hope you had fun looking back at some of the best things the 90’s had to offer! What do you think will be remembered about the 21st century?

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